I have problem with my truck d13 Volvo engine. What are some of its problems ? Use the hand primer pump to purge all air from the fuel system. No one will ever notice that it has been deleted. The mileage is 780,000 miles. The Volvo D13 engine and Cummins X15 engine are both optimized for high power. As of now i drive 2015 vnl780 D13 Ishift. I have 2010 volvo truck on my shop with D13 engine when i start the aftertreatment regeneration stay running for about 15 minutes cutting off Stay idle for 5 minutes And then … Volvo D13 375V/1450 Advertised Power, HP 405 Peak Torque, lb-ft@rpm 1450@1000 Governed rpm 2100 Recommended cruise speed range, rpm 1250-1500 Start engagement torque, lb-ft@rpm 750@800 Power (HP) Torque (LB-Ft) Engine Speed (RPM) Volvo D13 405V/1450 Volvo D13 405V/1650 XE High Torque 600 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 0 50 100 Volvo Trucks North America D Date Group No. And i just got offer to install def dpf egr dellete kit for 3200$. hello guys:wave i have problem with D13 09, the tractor coming running!!!! But after i start having problems with my Def i took it to a Volvo for repair.. Please tell me everything you can so the Expert can help you best. (02-24-2019, 09:48 AM) Mechanic2030 Wrote: Hello guys I need help . Does this engine have a problem with the engine wire hardness ? So a 13L engine vs a 16L engine. I own a 2004 Volvo with the Volvo D12 engine. I drive a 2012 Volvo D13 and have had great luck with it. Volvo Trucks North America’s new VNL series delivers up to 7.5 percent improved fuel efficiency when spec’d with Volvo’s innovation-packed D13 Turbo Compound engine (D13TC), providing customers a potent combination that is raising the standard … I believe they moved away from that at some point. I have Volvo truck d13 engine 2015 I have coolant loss and I see Steam and drops water from the Valve cover and the steam pipe has new 6 Injector cups and also new oil cooler and new Head … I have @565K and no problems as of yet. The engine does not have the pulling power of a cat or whatever but I knew this when I bought it. Hi Everyone, I would like to know more about the D13 Volvo engine built in 2009. Mechanic's Assistant: The Expert will know what to do. Page Service Bulletin 11.2006 230 256 7(7) 6 CAUTION Run the engine only at idle speed with no load for this test. The engine has new injectors and cups. There is also an I-Shift transmission. High engine speed or load can cause engine damage. 7 Restart the engine and monitor the sight glass in the cylinder head. Have owned it for a year now. Volvo D13 vs Cummins X15 Engine. Sorry to all you non-Volvo loving people. VOLVO D13 ENGINE provide input to the EMS: • Ambient Air Temperature Sensor 1.1 SYSTEM OVERVIEW • Ambient Pressure sensor NOTE • Boost Air Pressure (BAP) Sensor The “Premium Tech Tool” (PTT) is the • Camshaft Position (Engine Position) Sensor preferred tool for performing diagnostic work. It does however get excellent fuel mileage and the motor is not quite as hard to work on as people think. We know that Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield truck drivers need an engine with a bit of brawn to get the job done. All engines have pros and cons. Page 3: Volvo D13 Engine Section 01: ENGINE 1. I got tired of replacing those certain things looked them over and removed the problem and have not had any more problems. At Andy Mohr Truck Center, power is merely the status quo. Engine Speed (RPM) Volvo D13 455/1750 Advertised Power, HP 500 Peak Torque, lb-ft@rpm 1850@1100 Governed rpm 2100 Recommended cruise speed range, rpm 1250-1500 Start engagement torque, lb-ft@rpm 869@800 Torque (LB-Ft) Engine Speed (RPM) Volvo D13 500/1850 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 0 100 150 200 250 The number is the engine size (displacement) in liters. i chance the gasket head ( for oil licks) after chance the gasket ,:bdhthe engine NOT start , i chance another rebuilt head,and orings piston( by compression), the same the engine not start :bdh, i chance , start, timing sensor , fuses, harness, another ECM the engine NOT start :bdh, i … I heard early-on the D16 had a number of problems, particularly with the high-pressure coolant system it used.

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