The importance of conten… Include a simple contact form and link to your active social profiles as well. First, he has a page with his resume content. Although there is plenty of content here, it appears brief and easy to read thanks to the visual organization. A career summary is different from a career objective statement. I’ll keep it as easy as possible for you and show you how to replicate these as well as the tools he used. Ken’s more simple resume is visually organized. career portfolio: introduction | statement of originality work philosophy | career goals | skills sets cover letter | resume | certifications | field placement diplomas,degrees | community service | awards work samples It has great wording and visuals and further builds his ‘case’ to a potential employer. } > Career & Professional Portfolio Development. A portfolio contains samples of your work that exhibit and reveal the quality and variety of your learning, your accomplishments, your skills, Combine PDFs into a single PDF file, cover page is first. font-size: 2.2em; Easy to scan and easy to digest. text-align: center; Putting negotiable right in the application lets a recruiter understand you will be inclined to work together to find a salary that’s employed for you both. Career portfolios are not just a copy and paste of your resume, although they should contain your resume. var enable = false; As mentioned above, a career summary is a concise and focused overview of your work history. Introduction–state your industry and what value you anticipate the portfolio will be of to you. Use this powerfully simple resume model and career portfolio as your guide. Hiring managers are assessing an organizational culture fit. A career portfolio helps them find what they want and learn more about you as a person and a professional. Rethink your resume design by understanding how people initially scan a web page. Questions or Comments, Privacy Policy If something catches their attention, they’ll actually read the resume, which drastically increases your chances of a first interview. @media screen and (max-width:769px){ In interviews, my portfolio will show potential employers the proof of my skills, education, work experience, references, career goals, and works in progress. The service and templates are free. Your Career Portfolio A Career Portfolio is a collection of documents summarizing who you are and is meant to showcase the best examples of your work. Keep this section as simple as possible as to not overwhelm the reader. It’s not difficult. In education, portfolios have also been used for assessment, including self-assessment (Lankes 1995; Pond et al. At some point, you’ll likely need both. Intelivate’s B2B consulting services, employee training programs, career solutions and digital marketing services build the business, team, and career of your dreams. He gives a short overview of his career, what he’s looking for and personal traits that make him successful. There has to be a plan behind everything you do in a project searchincluding how you expect other folks to consult with you. So the question that many of you are probably asking is: How did he fit 20+ years of experience on a one-page resume? Finding the Perfect Keywords for Your Resume. Gather/Organize your works together in one place. © 2003-2020 All rights reserved by Intelivate B2B and Career Solutions  |  Privacy Policy, How This Simple Resume Model and Career Portfolio Example Landed a Dream Job, Building an Engaging Workplace Culture: 10 Employee Questions You Should Ask, What to Put on a Resume? Your Career Portfolio can be used as part of a job interview, college In this portfolio, the teacher showcases his ideas by posting a photograph that makes you think. My Career Portfolio is a great place to store these items. This portfolio is a compilation of the written works I completed in English 131 during the 2012 fall quarter, all of which support my definite comprehension and execution of the course outcomes. Career portfolios help with a job or acceptance into higher education institutes. text-align: center; [CDATA[// >, © Florida State University Although not included in Ken’s, some extra content and sections to consider adding to your portfolio include: If you don’t want to build a dedicated site, here are a couple of great alternatives. Florida State University Remember, even if you aren’t in the job market, please do both of these proactively now before you ‘need’ them later. var alertMessage = document.createElement("div"); The project section of this career portfolio is composed of two slides. Here’s how he did it and why you should do it too. They want to know more than your skills and experience. I’d love to connect as well! Executive Summary: This 1- to 2-page career glimpse should contain the critical highlights of a 2- to 3-page resume and will serve as a briefer version of your more robust story to distribute for particular networking purposes, as a companion to a cover letter, as an introduction piece for a resume or leadership addendum or as part of a media kit. Career Portfolio Guide - Santa Cruz County ROP. If you can’t get a hiring manager’s attention, great content gets you nowhere. The first thing people will do is Google you. } They want to know you as a person. Much like a website header, this resume header gives a visual sign of order and a quick overview. Whether you work remotely or are client facing every day, you will … Career and Professional Portfolio Example. @media screen and (min-width:770px){ /*-->
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